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Personal Injury

Staten Island Personal Injury Lawyers Seek Justice for Plaintiffs

Experienced counselors dedicated to holding responsible parties accountable

When you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, your top priority is always your physical well-being. As you concentrate on getting better, Scamardella, Gervasi & Kasegrande, P.C. works diligently to maximize your potential recovery. Our attorneys have more than a century of combined experience earning strong outcomes for our clients. We don’t collect a fee unless you obtain a settlement or judgment. If you’ve been hurt, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer as quickly as possible. Evidence and witnesses can disappear over time, and your right to sue can expire. Even if you’re unsure about how to proceed, our attorneys provide a free initial consultation to answer all of your questions.

Skilled advocates seeking compensation for all types of negligent harm

Our experienced attorneys with Scamardella, Gervasi & Kasegrande represent clients who have sustained injuries in a variety of accidents:

  • Auto accidents — After a vehicle collision, we help injured individuals obtain compensation for the harm done to them. Accident victims often struggle to cope with the physical, financial and emotional stresses of their accident, leading them to accept an inadequate settlement offer from an insurance company. Our attorneys understand the insurance and court systems so that you can pursue the maximum recovery you need and deserve.
  • Slips and falls — When a harmful fall occurs, it is often due to negligence on the part of the person or entity responsible for keeping the premises safe. Scamardella, Gervasi & Kasegrande can investigate the matter to identify the faulty party so that they can be held accountable for the damage done to you.
  • Construction accidents — Despite federal and state regulations, construction sites can be extremely dangerous. The number of workers, companies and contractors at some locations can make it difficult to assess blame. If you or someone in your family has been hurt on a construction site, our attorneys can investigate whether safety violations played a part in your injury and determine who committed those violations.
  • Wrongful death — Family members face devastating consequences when a loved one dies unexpectedly. Emotional wounds may never heal, but when someone’s conduct led to the death, we work with victims’ families to help address the financial impact. We have the experience to present a full accounting of your economic loss so that the responsible people are held accountable.
  • Medical malpractice — Patients harmed during the course of medical treatment frequently have no means of knowing what occurred and whether standards of care were breached. Scamardella, Gervasi & Kasegrande lawyers are skilled at obtaining and analyzing essential medical information to help determine exactly what happened and whether doctors met their professional obligations to do no harm.
  • Asbestos and mesothelioma — For several decades, asbestos was widely used in construction and manufacturing. Hundreds of thousands of laborers suffered severe medical problems such as mesothelioma because they were exposed to the substance. We are dedicated to seeking justice for these innocent workers and can build a strong case based on your individual situation and our knowledge of the medical data.

No matter the particular circumstance, Scamardella, Gervasi & Kasegrande is committed to providing each client with knowledgeable legal representation combined with compassionate, reliable service.

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