I am an owner of numerous Delicatessens and Bagel Stores on Staten Island. For approximately 25 years, I have used the legal services of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato for all my business purchases and sales as well as corporate formations/dissolutions and stockholder agreements and transfers. In addition, I have been represented in matters pertaining to estate planning, litigation and miscellaneous document drafting. In each instance, I was represented by whichever attorney had the legal expertise to handle the matter. As a long-standing client of the Firm, I can say that each matter, regardless of how big or small, was handled professionally and considered to be of the utmost importance. As I have in the past, I will continue to recommend Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato to anyone seeking top-notch legal representation.
Nabila Hussain


For many years, my family has used the services of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato for all our business and personal matters. In fact, both of my parents' estates were settled through the firm. So, recently, when my brother passed away suddenly, my family naturally retained the firm to represent us once again. As in the past, we were given sound legal advice and kept informed as developments occurred. It's comforting to know that you can trust your attorneys to diligently work on your behalf especially in times of tragedy.
Michael DiDomenico


I have been a client of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato for over twenty years. The Firm has represented me in a variety of matters including Estate Planning, Adoption, Matrimonial and Real Estate Purchases and Sales. Moreover, Robert Scamardella, as managing partner was instrumental in handling the probate of my father's estate as well as litigation relative to asbestos exposure. Most recently, in an attempt to sell real estate, in which I was a part owner, it became necessary to track down approximately 25 family members and heirs to get their consent to sell the property. It was an ongoing project that required legal skill and expertise. I'm happy to say that, through the efforts of my attorneys, especially James Thomson, the transaction did close. Without hesitation, I would recommend Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato to anyone seeking excellent legal representation.
Pete Falcone


Whether it's personal or business related, our family always seek the advice and services of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato. For over twenty-five years, we have retained the firm to handle corporate formations, stockholder and operating agreements, as well as leases and mechanic's liens. Each of our family members have individually used the firm for our estate planning and estate administration. Whether it's the managing partner, Robert Scamardella, or the firm's associates, James Thomson or Leslie Kasegrande, who handle our matters, we are always given expert advice and counsel. We would, without hesitation, recommend the Law Firm of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato as attorneys who get the job done.
Wiesner Bros./The Wiesner Family


When I suffered a serious injury while at work, my husband and I knew we would need a top flight legal team. From our first consultation to the end of our trial we found the law team of Russo, Scamardella and D’Amato to be dedicated, prepared and professional. We are convinced that we chose the finest legal team in New York. A special thanks to attorneys Michael Gervasi and Linda Victorio for their outstanding preparation and attention to detail in our case. We recommend Russo, Scamardella and D’Amato without reservation. They Care!
Teena & Mark Collins


After being referred to the Law Firm of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato, I had the pleasure of meeting James Thomson who represented me on various corporate, real estate and financial matters. His professionalism and diligence is to be commended. He handled each matter with precision and competence. In addition, he was very reachable. It's comforting to know that you can contact your attorney easily when it's necessary. Without reservation, I would recommend this Law Firm to anyone who needs excellent legal advice.
Boris Natenzon


The Law Firm of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato has provided legal services for our family and our family's small business for the last 35 years. The attorneys and staff offer us prompt, personal and professional attention. Through the years, Robert Scamardella has personally represented the Brown Family in a number of legal matters, both business and personal and, with each case, demonstrated superior service with outstanding results. During our on-going relationship, we have always found the Firm to be honest, empathetic and exceptionally fair. We believe that Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato performs at levels surpassed by none.
The Brown Family


I have been a long-time client of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato going back to the days of Tom Russo who was the founding father. Over the years, I have dealt with various attorneys in the Firm and have always been satisfied with their services. Most recently, I wanted to have some estate planning documents prepared and, when I contacted the Firm's managing partner, Robert Scamardella, he sent his associate, Leslie Kasegrande, who specializes in this type of matter, to the nursing home to meet with me. She was very attentive to my needs and prepared the documents I requested according to my wishes. She returned to the nursing home, answered all my questions and supervised my signing of the documents. In addition to being professional, she was kind and compassionate and made the process very easy. I would recommend Leslie Kasegrande, and the entire Firm, to anyone who needs competent legal representation.
Amelia Romano


Our family has owned and operated restaurants and catering halls in Staten Island for over 25 years. During this time, we always used the services of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato, who we consider to be like family, to represent us. We are always provided with excellent representation in purchases, sales, lease negotiations, corporate formations and acquisitions, as well as estate planning and administration. We have dealt with all the attorneys and staff members and have a great rapport with the entire staff. No job is too big or too small for the Firm to handle and all matters are treated as priority. We are proud to be represented by the oldest and most prestigious Law Firm on Staten Island.
The Inserra Family (The Renaissance).


In times of trouble, it's comforting to know that you have attorneys who are working tirelessly and diligently on your behalf. When my mother passed away, aside from mourning her loss, I was faced with so much unexpected turmoil and apprehension. However, after meeting with Robert Scamardella and Leslie Kasegrande, this burden was greatly relieved. My calls were promptly returned and all of my concerns and questions were dealt with immediately. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Law Firm of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato to anyone seeking expert legal advice.
Grace Anderson


When my uncle was attacked by pit-bulls and subsequently died, I turned to the Law Firm of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato. The Firm had previously represented me in handling an Estate for another member of my family where I was the Executrix so, of course, I turned to them again for help. As in the past, I was given sound professional advice and representation. More importantly, the attorneys and staff members always responded to my calls and offered consolation in my time of need and enthusiastically embraced my issues. I'll always be grateful to Robert Scamardella and Michael Gervasi for their expertise and would not hesitate recommending this firm.

Elaine Sutton


For over 25 years, I have been a friend and client of Robert Scamardella, managing partner of the Law Firm of Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato. His Firm has represented me on numerous purchases and sales as well as corporate and commercial ventures. In addition, the Firm has represented me on various types of litigation matters. During my years as a client, I have worked with all the Firm's associate attorneys, each of whom specialize in their individual areas of practice which allows them to focus on the task at hand. In each instance, my attorneys were available to meet and/or speak with me on a moment's notice. They pay close attention to details and get the most favorable results possible. I can't imagine ever going to another law firm or recommending any firm other than Russo, Scamardella & D'Amato.
Donald J. Banks – Bedford Construction Corp.


As a real estate developer and business owner, I have been a client of the Law Firm of Russo, Scamardella & D’Amato for many years. During that period of time, Managing Partner, Robert Scamardella has handled complex negotiations and transactions of all kinds. When I decided to build The Tides At Charleston, the first 55+ community in the five boroughs, I, once again, sought legal representation from The Firm. James Thomson, the Firm’s real estate associate, handles all transactions and provides excellent service. Michael Gervasi, the Firm’s litigator, has also provided me with legal representation regarding commercial disputes, all of which have been resolved to my satisfaction. I place my confidence in Russo, Scamardella & D’Amato knowing I will always be given unsurpassed legal representation.
Raymond Masucci